What is the COP21, and Why it is so important for the whole world?


Ewwr, save the date!

Save the date, because from 21Th November to 29th November  is the European Week of Waste Reduction EWWR under the patronage of European Parliament. What does it means? This is an initiative promote by European Institutions aiming to reduce waste with the implementation of sustainable action in a single week. It encourages a wide range … More Ewwr, save the date!

Common land: share or privatize?

In this day I am reading the book titled: Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainabily and Peace” of Vandava Shiva an Indian economist and physic, that has written some books talking about economy, environment and sustainable growing. It is an g book that I suggest to read to better know the nowadays dynamics of multinational corporations, the governance … More Common land: share or privatize?

3rd World Forum of local economic development

This week is awesome in Turin, because there is the 3rd  World Forum of local economic development, alias LED. This is the 3rd edition of this successful event, and tha fact that it is free, means the the municipality of Turin, the local governenmentband the Italian authority truly believe in the event. In fact the … More 3rd World Forum of local economic development

Biofuel from Apples.. It happens in Trentino (Italy)

Nowadays, in italy precisely in Trentino there is a faster and  faster growing phenomenon that produce energy from residues of apples It is real!. It happens in Pejo a little city of Trentino, known as city of bottling. In this city there is a fabric that use biomass fueled  made by scraps of fruit production … More Biofuel from Apples.. It happens in Trentino (Italy)